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Home security Critical vulnerability in ppp Daemon allows remote access to Linux systems

Critical vulnerability in ppp Daemon allows remote access to Linux systems

A critical buffer overflow vulnerability that allowed remote access users have access to systems Linux and root-level privileges, discovered in pppD (Daemon Protocol Point to Point).

PppD (Point to Point Daemon) is often used to manage network connections on Unix-based operating systems and is also used to manage broadband connections such as DSL, whether PPPoE or PPPoA is used.

One researcher discovered this crucial vulnerability located on the package processor of the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) in the Point-to-Point Protocol Daemon (pppd).

A remote intruder may be able to cause buffer cache overflow, taking advantage of this vulnerability. It can allow attackers to carry out arbitrary executions code to the target system.

The vulnerability, discovered by Ilja Van Sprundel and named CVE-2020-8597, rated at 9,3 CVE. GBHackers has not found any code that has been exploited at this time for this vulnerability.

Here are the Linux distributions that confirmed this vulnerability running with pppd (Point to Point Daemon) in versions 2.4.2 to 2.4.8.

Debian GNU / Linux

Fedora Project

Red Hat

SUSE Linux


The following vendors are also issuing an update,






The buffer overflow vulnerability has affected several Linux distributions due to one error that cancels the size of the input before copying the data provided to μνήμη.

When validating the input size, if the data size is incorrect, it results in duplicate arbitrary data in memory and causes memory corruption that allows attackers to execute arbitrary code remotely.

Since the data not verified and size unknown, vulnerability destroys memory systemic destination.

PPP also runs at a high cost and works in conjunction with programs driver of the core, which allows attackers to gain privileges on a level root.


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