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Android VS iPhones: Which smartphones last longer?

As is well known, smartphones do not last long. However, according to his report BankMyCell, which is a site selling smartphones, iPhones last longer than Android smartphones, proving to be "value for money". Specifically, in the first year an iPhone is estimated to lose about 24% of its original value, while in the second year it accounts for about 46%. This is a big downfall and devaluation of the device, but it is by no means comparable to Android smartphones, which can cost $ 700 or more. They lose about 46% of their initial value in the first year, while in the second year they reach about 72%.

According to BankMyCell, Android Appliances that cost $ 350 or less tend to lose more than half their original value in one year. This proves that it is not just Android smartphones that are underappreciated.

In addition, smartphones that are released by known brands like the SamsungThe MotorolaThe LGThe HTC and Google noted that they lost 49% of their original value between 2019 and 2020. Comparing iPhones with Galaxy S10 the following results occur:

  • The iPhone XR lost about 22% of its original value in 2019 compared to the Galaxy S10e, which lost 38% of its value in just 9 months.
  • The iPhone XS lost about 24% of its value in 2019, while the Galaxy S10 lost about 44% in 9 months.
  • The iPhone XS Max lost about 26% in 2019 and Galaxy S10 46% in 9 months.

However, Samsung is not the worst case in terms of device depreciation. Android devices from companies like Motorola, LG and Google are worse examples of this. In more detail, the following were observed:

  • Motorola lost about 2019% of its original value between January and December 60. The Motorola One released in 2018 showed the fastest depreciation as well as the biggest loss of its original value, with the rate reaching 76% (ie $ -135).
  • In the same months, the Nexus 5X released 2015 marked the fastest depreciation of 71%, while the 30 V2017 lost an amount of $ 145.
  • Also in the same period Google lost 52% of its original value, while Google Xpl 3 released in 2018 showed a rapid devaluation which reached 57% (ie -267 dollars).

Here's a list of the smartphones, from best to worst, based on their lifespan. The impression, however, is that Nokia is in the second position of the list, following it Apple.

  1. Apple devices lost about 26% of their original value between January and December 2019.
  2. Nokia devices lost about 28% of their value in the same period.
  3. Sony devices lost 31,30% of their value,
  4. HTC handsets lost 32,01% respectively.
  5. Samsung devices lost 34,42% of their value in these months of 2019.
  6. Blackberry devices lost 34,92% of their value.
  7. Google devices lost 52% of their original value.
  8. LG devices lost 57%.
  9. Motorola devices have lost about 60% of their value from January to December 2019.smartphones android iphones lifetime

In conclusion, if one wants to buy a smartphone with a lifetime criterion, iPhones are the best choice they could possibly make as Android loses its original value and is rapidly underestimated.


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