HomesecurityUS Government: Takes Strict Measures on .gov domains

US Government: Takes Strict Measures on .gov domains

Η government of USA announced that from March 10, 2020, they will be required official signatures for the process of registering young people .gov domains. The government decided to take this measure to reduce the chances of fraud, which could lead to abuse of these domains by unauthorized organizations ή users.

Η General Services Administration (GSA) of USA supervise This makes it a perfect choice for people with diabetes and for those who want to lose weight or follow a balanced diet. DotGov program which manages it .GOV top-level domain (TLD) and makes these domains available to US government agencies (both local and federal agencies).

Security enhancement for .gov domains

"From March 10, 2020, the DotGov Program will begin requiring formal signatures on all authorization letters when applying for a new .gov domain," said the DotGov Registrar.

"This is a necessary measure to strengthen it security and to prevent it fraud through forgery of the signature ”.

"This step will help maintain the integrity of the .gov and ensure that .gov domains continue to be used only by official US government agencies."

In order for a government organization to request a .gov domain name, it must prepare and send a letter of authorization and complete an online form.

This letter must include a signature from the requesting authority's authority.

This is the letter that should be officially signed by March 10, 2020, to avoid future attempts to register .gov domains without permission.

According to the GSA, .gov domains are granted exclusively to government US agencies and give legitimacy to government sites and electronics tools, so that customers can be sure that the content is from a legitimate source.

However, until the new rules are put in place, almost anyone can register a .gov domain using false information in the authorization letter, required by the GSA. This way they can be different scams.

One researcher has confirmed that this scenario is possible. He said that in November 2019 he applied for a .gov domain using a fake number Google Voice and a false address gmail, along with an official letterhead extracted from a legitimate government agency.

The GSA stated that “it has already implemented add-ons meters to prevent fraud", Without stating in detail what exactly these measures are.

CISA said it would like to manage the .gov TLD (instead of the GSA), as "the .gov top-level domain (TLD) is a critical infrastructure for thousands of federal, state and local government agencies in the country."

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