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Twitter: The new "Fleets" feature deletes posts after 24 hours

twitter fleetsTwitter recently announced that it is considering adding a new feature called Fleets to its platform. This feature will allow them to disappear posts posted by users after 24 hours. This feature is currently only available in Brazil. "Fleets" comes shortly after Twitter acquired the company Chroma Labs, a startup that offers templates and editing tools to distinguish Stories. It was started by former Facebook and Instagram employees who worked on features like Instagram Stories and the Boomerang. The company's founders are now employees of Twitter.

Contrary to normal tweets, Fleets can't receive retweets, likes or public comment. Users can only respond or respond to them with instant messages, as is the case with Instagram Stories. The Snapchat was the first application to add this feature in 2013, with many platforms such as FacebookThe YouTube and LinkedIn they have since released their own versions.

In addition, Fleets will not appear on TWTRs like regular tweets but can be viewed with a click on avatar a person's.

According to Kayvon Beykpour, head of Twitter's product sector, app users often report that they don't feel comfortable with Tweeting, because Tweets can be viewed and commented on by everyone, and so most people are concerned about how many likes and retweets they will take. He also pointed out that the new feature hopes to help users even communicate spontaneous thoughts without hesitation, which is not possible with Tweets.

However, this innovation of Twitter raises questions about how misinformation can be addressed in disappearing posts. While no retweets, likes or comments are possible, a post can still be viewed by many, especially if the user has many followers.

#RIPTwitter was heavily commented in the US as many users began to criticize the new feature despite the fact that it is currently only available in one country.

A Twitter spokesman said Fleets are subject to the same rules as tweets and the company will take appropriate action against offenders. Users can also reference a content. The company will keep copies of the Fleets for a limited time after deleting them to enforce violations so people can make decisions. After that, posts will be deleted from Twitter systems.

Now and more SOCIAL MEDIA looking for ways to reduce the pressure many users feel about comments, likes, and more. These moves could also boost engagement and encourage users to feel more comfortable. Facebook and Instagram are trying to hide likes on their platforms at the same time. Especially on Instagram, likes are often viewed as a measure of popularity, with some users making their self-esteem dependent on them, which has to change.