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YouTube: Video Viewing Problem (Fixed)

Yesterday one was presented error on website YouTube, which resulted in a message telling users that the channels they have subscribed to have not uploaded any yet video. However, at application on mobile there was no such problem and everything worked fine.

When one went to the "Subscriptions" section of YouTube, one would normally see the latest video from the channels he had subscribed to.

However, several users reported that when I was trying to watch a video, YouTube would display a message saying: “The channels you have subscribed to have not uploaded any videos yet. Try to find another channel to subscribe ".

Some users reported being affected by the above error, so with him Firefox as with him Chrome browser.

However, as we said above, the problem was only found on the site. It YouTube Whatsapp for mobile it was and still is normal.

Unfortunately, the general "corrections" did not offer any solution. General fixes include disconnection and reactivation, rotation browsers and the use of incognito function. Users have made the above efforts to make sure the problem is not due to an extension. However, the error was not corrected.

YouTube did not make any announcement in its Twitter account about this error. However, DownDetector noticed one huge increase in problem reports YouTube at 4pmth Of March. You can see the increase in complaints in the chart below.

Η Google has not commented yet. Now, the issue has been fixed. However, there is no information on what caused the problem.


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