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Zendesk: Launches the Sales Suite with Zendesk Sell, Chat and other tools

Zendesk launched the Zendesk Sales Suite a few days ago, giving sales teams access to a range of Zendesk tools through a better-priced product. The company also announced updates to its Support Suite for better customer service as well as the availability of open CRM platform by, Zendesk Sunshine. Zendesk says the new and expanded services are designed to help them brands to provide their customers with the best possible experience. As Zendesk notes, IDC predicts that companies will spend $ 641 billion on CX technologies in 2022.

According to Adrian McDermott, president of products at Zendesk, the company's goal is to provide its customers with unique tools, products and platforms. CRM service-first starts to really serve the customer without making a kind of "offensive" sales, considering the length of time a customer might have in a way that ensures the transparency and responsiveness of a brand, and at the same time allows them to themselves customers to some extent guide their customer experience.Adrian McDermott Zendesk

The new Sales Suite includes Zendesk Sell, Chat, Reach and Voice. With these tools, sales agents can access multiple channels, such as email, text, and voice. They can also take advantage of data enrichment and search tools supported by Clearbit. The Sales Suite could be useful for limited organizations budget, but for a growing sales flow and a growing need for new tools. Jon Aniano, Vice President of Zendesk for Product, said that it must be borne in mind that a large set of tools is needed to meet and meet ever-changing and ever-changing customer needs. The new Sales Suite provides businesses with a wide range of capabilities. At the same time, Zendesk's Support Suite now has new messaging channels to reach consumers, backed by Sunshine talks, Zendesk's newly launched business platform. Now, Support Suite clients will be able to use a workspace to easily collaborate with clients on popular applications such as WhatsAppThe Facebook MessengerThe TwitterThe WeChat and LINE.Zendesk Jon Aniano

The upgraded workspace of Support Suite also provides operators with a single view of all the latest conversations with their customers, including customer calls and e-mail messages. This can help operators set up and configure customer interactions as well as integrate customer-related information from external data sources into the Sunshine platform.

Finally, Zendesk introduces to GA Sunshine, a fully-fledged CRM platform open to Amazon Web Services. In addition to allowing businesses to connect data from any system, it provides developers with access to open source tools in AWS. In addition, under the Zendesk Early Access Program, the company released new Sunshine workflow tools and other integrations in collaboration with companies such as Workato, Qualtrics and Narvar.


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