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The safest router in the world comes from HTC

Soon HTC can safely navigate the Internet reality, with the new router designed with her in mind safety.

The company just announced the HTC Exodus 5G Hub, which it claims is the safest router in the world, offering "extremely secure" 5G connectivity to any device that can connect to the Internet.

The Exodus 5G has a number of sophisticated features, most of which allow the user own his own keys through Zion, which means any transfer data, must be validated by the user himself, while keeping his personal data protected from prying eyes.

The HTC 5G router

In addition to faster internet connections, the HTC Exodus 5G Hub also includes support for many popular applications privacy, such as the secure email platform Protonmail, the Brave internet browser and the open source service Incognito.

The release of the router comes after the presentation of the series Exodus HTC, which was first introduced at Mobile World Congress 2019 and was complemented by the launch of the Exodus 1S in November 2019.

As regards its field cryptocurrency, the Exodus 5G Hub allows users to run a full node Bitcoin along with a private "all-in-one" vault to monitor their transactions. Users can also track market changes through the Hub screen, which can be modified to display up-to-date pricing information.

"Exodus has always been more than just smartphones: Exodus is about ownership," said Phil Chen, HTC's Decentralized Chief Officer.

"Exodus is the shield against the attack on high technology and the privacy of your home. By using the Exodus 5G Hub, you have more control and ownership of your data than ever before. ”

The Exodus 5G Hub will be available for sale by the second quarter of 2020, but there is no further information on the price and what markets it will be available for.

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