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Opus file: Open with VLC media player on PC or Mac

In this article you will see how you can listen WhatsApp OPUS archives on Windows or Mac. The easiest way is to install the VLC media player, which supports OPUS format.


1: Install the VLC player.

2: Press Win + E to open the data collection.

3:  Open the folder containing OPUS file.

4: Right-click on the file. A menu will appear.

5: Select open with -> VLC media player.

Mac :

1: Install the VLC player.

  • Go to  https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html .
  • Click Download, and wait until it's done.
  • Run the file you just downloaded. The name starts with vlc and ends with .dmg
  • Drag the VLC icon to the Applications folder. This will install the program.

2: Open the folder that contains the OPUS file.

3: Open the VLC player. You will find it in the folder applications.

4: Drag the file onto the VLC media player. This will automatically import the file.

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