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Home security MediaTek: Error allows hackers to breach smartphones

MediaTek: Error allows hackers to breach smartphones

Error on MediaTek chipsets endangers millions smartphones.

The hackers are becoming more and more effective at infringement smartphones. They do this by using various vulnerabilities. The Google security updates for Android smartphones every month. However, manufacturers of smartphones must also develop these updates on Appliances their. But what if Companies don't care about her safety of their devices?

Its users XDA Developers recently discovered one vulnerability in MediaTek chipsets, which could allow hackers to control their mobiles users. This means that the attackers can do anything on the victims' mobiles. They can get it access to personal data of users and yes install malicious applications, using the exploit called MediaTek-Su.

The worry is that the error affects it almost all 64-bit MediaTek chipsets, which means millions of smartphones are affected.

hackers-video techniques

The vulnerability was discovered in early February and MediaTek was immediately updated. However, it turned out that the company already knew about it vulnerability and specifically since April 2019. It even released one updated version, to correct the error, one month after the discovery. Nevertheless, the manufacturers smartphone, the companies that apply these updates on their smartphones, they did not bring the update to vulnerable phones.

Shortly afterwards, XDA Developers users contacted Google, asking it to force technology companies to develop the update on the affected phones. But, h Google asked not to publish these information until the release of the March security updates. According to Google, the latest updates will fix the problem.

However, all this time, smartphones have stayed and remain unprotected, as hackers can take advantage of MediaTek exploit and install adware, ransomware and other malicious software on users' smartphones.


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