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Why learn Python? Because it's the most popular programming language!

Python the most popular programming language - Why Learn Python?There are thousands of programming languages ​​used to serve multiple purposes. Among them, Python stands out, which means that it would be useful for more and more people to get acquainted with it. So the question "Why learn Python?" There are a number of arguments that prove the usefulness of Python but also why it is now the most popular programming language. But let's look in more detail at some things about this language that may not be known.Redmonk- Python the most popular programming language- Why learn Python?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. According to the latest ranking of analysts firm RedMonk, which shows the popularity of programming languages, Python has climbed from third to second. It's the first time a language other than JavaScript (which ranks first in the company's ratings) or Java, has been in the top two since 2012 when RedMonk began listing its ratings.

According to the company's co-founder, Stephen O'Grady, the RedMonk it is not used to make slight changes to the rankings, while changes to the top tier of programming languages ​​are rarely seen, where languages ​​are now well established. JavaScript is the language that developers code in web browsers, and is also increasingly used for other purposes, such as developing mobile and desktop applications and programs for drones. In addition, Java is the language commonly used for writing Android applications, while being a key infrastructure for software development.Stephen O'Grady, RedMonk - Python is a popular programming language

However, Python's ever-increasing success was not a given. The long transition from Python 2 to Python 3 in particular could push developers in a different direction. Python 3 was first launched in 2008 and the team was originally scheduled to stop supporting Python 2 in 2015. This meant that no further bug fixes and security updates would be made. However, the team eventually extended the original deadline until 2020, when it became clear that many developers needed more time to update their code with a newer version.

During this transition, developers could have opted to move to a newer programming language, such as Rust by Mozilla, Google Go or h Kotlin by JetBrains. At the same time, younger developers might have opted to learn more about the widely used JavaScript or even stop working in general due to the potential confusion about operating tools, code samples, and open source libraries that would work with every release of Python. But even if Python lost some developers due to the transition, it now seems to be recovering.

O'Grady says Python's growing popularity is largely due to its ingenuity, which makes it easy to adapt to a variety of functions and activities. Companies like Google and apps like Google dropbox and Instagram rely heavily on Python, as well as countless smaller businesses. In addition, it is the language that is preferred and used more by many scientists and mathematicians in academia for "crunching" data.

It is worth noting that RedMonk classifies the programming languages ​​based on two criteria: 1) the number of questions asked for each language in StackOverflow and 2) the number of projects based on each language hosted on the service GitHub of Microsoft products.

According to a research by StackOverflow, Python is the third most widely used programming language, without calculating the HTML, behind JavaScript and the language SQLof the search database. Research also showed that Python was the second favorite language of respondents after Rust. Meanwhile, the Tiobe index, which measures the number of search engine results for specific languages, shows that Python has grown in popularity in recent years and now ranks third in the index, following Java and C.Python is the most popular programming language. Why learn Python?

However, there was little movement in RedMonk's ranking of the top 20 programming languages. O'Grady noted her rise Dart, a language developed by Google, has jumped nine places, from 33rd to 24th in the last 18 months.Dart

Dart is a language used to write software that "runs" inside web browsers. Dart code translates to JavaScript supported by almost all modern browsers. O'Grady points out that the fact that it is a popular programming language is probably due to its usethe Google Flutter open source programming framework, which was released in December 2018.



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