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How to protect security cameras and IoT devices from hackers?

Smart devices such as cameras security, The Appliances monitoring of babies and generally the IoT devices are vulnerable to cyberattacks. The users must take action to fill the gaps in the security of these devices and to protect them hackers.

Nowadays, more and more users are using such Appliances. Especially security cameras are found in many homes and shops. For this reason, United Kingdom National Center for Cyber ​​Security (UK)NCSC) issued some tips to help them users to protect their smart devices.

Many times, security cameras (and other IoT devices) are incorrectly set, thereby allowing hackers to gain access and watch what happens or even use the device to violate the rest network.

The new National Center's instruction manual "Smart security cameras: use them safely in your home»Gives three tips to help users protect their IoT devices and make it difficult for hackers:

1. Change the default password

Many cameras and other devices come with one default code access, which is usually very small and can be easily guessed by. In addition, the same code is used in many Appliances in the same order, so if a device's code leaks, others are at risk.

Security experts advise users to change the password for cameras and other IoT devices. Users should put something difficult, maybe some phrase, and avoid the easy and predictable codes.

hackers-video techniques

2. Make software updates

One of the most important steps for her enhancing security the devices are the frequent software updates. The updates improve it safety, while at the same time adding new features. Users can also adjust the cameras so that they can automatic installation of updates.

3. Disable unnecessary alerts

If users do not need the feature that allows them to view them remotely video of the webcam (via internet), it is good to disable. Disabling makes it hard for hackers to access the device.

“Smart technology, such as security cameras and devices baby monitoring, they are fantastic innovations with real benefits to people, but without proper security measures they are vulnerable to cybercriminals, ”said Dr Ian Levy, an NCSC official.

"These are some practical steps we can all take to make the most of our technology in a safe way," he added.


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