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Huawei's Search App will replace Google's

Following the exclusion of Huawei from America, which prohibits it from using its services Google in its devices, the company has turned to its own alternatives. After the App Gallery, which is a response to Google Play Store, the company has even turned to the creation of its own operating system, known as HarmonyOS.

And now, the company has also created a new search app to replace the corresponding Google app.


Huawei search application

Huawei unveiled a program last week beta the new search application for their users UAE.

Currently, the Huawei search app only offers the elementary, compared to Google's corresponding app. In other words, there are no additional features other than basic internet searches. On the other hand, the Google App is a merger of it Google Assistant, Google Lens and several other Google services.

The app also supports its dark mode EMIU 10. In addition, there are shortcuts to the landing page for weather, calculator, sports and unit conversions.

In addition, Huawei's search application includes the usual configuration options - toggle search history, toggle secure search, change search area, change language, and some more.

According to XDA, Huawei's search application is powered by Aspiegel Limited - an Irish-based Huawei subsidiary that manages the technology giant's mobile services.

For now, Huawei's search app is a good option to try out, but it certainly can't reach the features and services offered by Google's Search App. However, given the circumstances, the company can turn it into a good alternative.

After all USA and China, are in a financial war, Huawei is on the list of companies not allowed to use Google services.


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