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Coronavirus: Hospitals in China receive disinfection robots

Ο Coronavirus is the topic of discussion for days. The virus started from her China and has affected thousands of people. Every day, new outbreaks appear on countries in the whole people. It seems to be evolving into a pandemic. Her hospitals China have begun to receive from abroad especially robot disinfection that will help fight the new serious virus.

The robots' mission began after an agreement was signed between Sunay Healthcare Supply (supplier of medical equipment in the Chinese market) and UVD Robots based in Denmark. Coronavirus has put restrictions on transactions between China and other countries, but UVD sent some robot disinfection last week and plans to ship many more in the coming weeks.

“With this agreement, more than 2.000 hospitals will now have the opportunity to effectively disinfect by providing protection so on patients as well as the staff"Says Su Yan, Managing Director of Sunay Healthcare Supply.

UVD Robots is a portfolio company of Blue Ocean Robotics. Last year it won Robotics and Automation (IERA) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award, for its stand-alone disinfection technology. THE technology uses UV-C light emitted by robots as they move. Ultraviolet light is a germ and removes almost all viruses and bacteria present in the air and on the surfaces of a room.

These robots are available in more than 40 countries. However, Coronavirus requires additional medical and disinfectant equipment in all hospitals and especially in China.

“In a serious crisis, such as the Coronation, which threatens the world health, the innovative one technology it's really proving its worth to us, ”says Per Juul Nielsen, CEO of UVD Robots.


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