HomesecurityDEEP-Dig: The method by which researchers deceive hackers!

DEEP-Dig: The method by which researchers deceive hackers!

DEEP-Dig University of TexasIn the annual Congress In December 2019 in Puerto Rico as well as at the International Conference on Systems Science in Hawaii, researchers from the University of Texas presented to computer scientists and researchers information technology in Dallas their new project. This is a tactic for gathering information from hackers that can later be used against them. This is a rapidly growing field of cyber security and is known as “technology deception ”. This cunning and insidious approach enables those who work in the field cyber security observe hacking attacks from a different angle. The DEEP-Dig (DEcEPtion DIGging) method "deceives" hackers through a fraud site designed to track down suspicious and insidious activities. This information is then fed to one computer, where they are analyzed to illustrate how to identify and prevent future ones hacking attacks.

Ο Dr. Kevin Hamlen, Eugene McDermott Professor of Informatics said there are criminals who are constantly trying to attack various networks and this is usually evaluated as something negative. He also pointed out that instead of looking for ways to prevent hackers, they might have to be treated as freelancers who provide data on what the hackers look like. malicious attacks. Therefore, they are a free source of high value data.hacker site fraud

However, there are restrictions on their protection personal data make it difficult for researchers to gain sufficient information about hackers' tactics, so it is not easy to devise effective defensive strategies to counter or even avoid them. The DEEP-Dig method works like a spy in the hacker's camp, gathering valuable information in real time about how a hacker attacks.

Dr. Gbadebo Ayoade, who presented the findings to scientists in Puerto Rico and Hawaii, said that gathering more evidence could make it easier to identify and detect an attack. Specifically, scientists use the data they collect from hackers to train the machine so that it can detect an attack, while using the deception tactic they will be able to gather more data better.

Dr. Latifur Khan, a computer science professor at UT Dallas, said hackers will feel they have succeeded when they meet the website fraud equipped with data misinformation and misleading. Finally, he said that identifying the deception technique used by a cybercriminal and using it against him to get into his activity in some way is essentially a way of turning roles into an endless one. game.


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