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Google Earth: It's now available in Firefox, Edge and Opera browsers

When Google unveiled the new Google Earth in 2017, it transformed Google Earth into one desktop application in a web application. The company made Google Earth Chrome exclusive, stating that its own Chrome browser was the only one supporting Native Client (NaCl) technology at the time. The appearance of new ones website standards, in particular WebAssembly, has allowed Google to change the template supported by other browsers. The company released one beta version of Google Earth for browsers that support WebAssembly, Firefox, Edge and Opera. Google has revealed that it has officially made Google Earth available to those who use it Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Opera.Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Opera browsers and google earth
As one user reports, he tried the web version of Google Earth in browsers that Googgle did not mention. Specifically, browsers Vivaldi and Brave loaded Google Earth, but it took much longer to load compared to supported web browsers. Users who open Google Earth in one of their browsers may use it as if they were using Google Chrome. The service displays the following message: "You are using an experimental version of Earth". This message indicates that the version for these recently supported browsers is still not compatible with the version of Chrome.

Google notes on Medium that she has a lot more work to do to provide a better experience and to introduce her official support Apple Safari browser: He also pointed out that he continues to work to provide support to as many browsers as possible and to help users keep up with any new developments.Apple Safari browser and google earth

Googgle Earth Exclusivity Chrome  did not turn out to be a good experience for many of those who do not use Chrome. While Google has every right to create and market products of its choice and to design them in such a way that they stand out from other products, this does not go hand in hand with proposals such as "At Google we are big supporters of open web standards".