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Google: Its new app offers a VR experience of prehistoric art

The latest virtual reality (VR) app released by Google allows users to get a taste of prehistoric paintings as part of a new Google Arts & Culture collection called Chauvet: Meet the Ancestors. Over the years, Google has digitized a growing number of museums, galleries and landmarks for Arts & Culture. Arts & Culture is an encyclopedia platform which can be accessed through a browser or mobile app. Now, Google is launching a new one collection which is the subject of the Chauvet Cave located in Ardèche, France and is famous for its amazing prehistoric works of art. While it is not known exactly when the paintings inside the cave were created, they are estimated to date from about 36.000 years ago. The cave was discovered in 1994, but is not open to the public in order to avoid any damage. Google reflects the interior of the cave as accurately as possible.google app vr

Chauvet Exhibition: Meet the Ancestors contains 54 curated exhibits with over 350 digitized data. These include three-dimensional models of the "The Horses Fresco" panel as well as a skull that appears to have belonged to one of the cave dwellers. In addition, Google offers a 10-minute virtual reality (VR) experience called Chauvet: The Dawn of Art. The free app features 12 "stations" depicting the cave's interior and some of the most famous paintings in it. In addition, there is a relative narration in English by the actor Daisy Ridley, as well as in French, by the actress Cécile de France, while experts analyze the cave environment from their own point of view.google app vr

For those who don't have VR headsets, Google releases a non-interactive one video on YouTube. Furthermore, the application Google Arts & Culture provides a "Pocket Gallery" that allows the public to see the cave better and more in detail. At Google Search “Chauvet Cave” has a card with a button “View to 3D“. With a simple one click Google is opening a XNUMXD model of the cave that can be rotated and enlarged. An important feature is the fact that users can also see it from their mobile phone.google app vr

However, this is not the first time Google has used augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality for Arts & Culture, as in September 2019 it used photogrammetry to provide a virtual reality experience from the Palace of Versailles (Château de Versailles) of France. Finally, in terms of augmented reality (AR), Google has created an app for the Big Bang and a "Pocket Gallery" that includes works of art from 33 institutions.


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