HomesecurityHacker gained access to Clearview AI's customer list

Hacker gained access to Clearview AI's customer list

Clearview AI is a company that offers services face recognition and works with about 600 law enforcement agencies across North America. However, it seems that security its not as strong as it should be.

As he says Daily Beast, a malicious agent was able to gain "unauthorized access" to the entire customer list of the company.

As soon as the company discovered the invasion, it sent a notice to its customers informing them that one hacker knows the exact number of accounts created by each customer as well as the number of searches they performed.

The Clearview database, created with access to public photos from FacebookThe InstagramThe UAF YouTube and Venmo, has over 3 billion images. Fortunately, the attacker was unable to access the photo database.

Clearview AI's lawyer, Tor Ekeland, said the company had priority in securing the safety of its customers, so he proceeded with its immediate repair. error.

“Safety is Clearview's top priority. Unfortunately, violations data are part of life in the 21st century. Our servers have never been compromised. We have fixed the defect and continue to work to enhance our safety, ”Tor Ekeland told the Daily Beast.

In the notice sent by Clearview AI, he did not describe the leak as hacking, while also stating that there was "no breach of Clearview's systems or network".

However, David Forscey, chief executive of the non-profit Aspen Cybersecurity Group, believes the breach is worrying.

As Forscey said "as a law enforcement agency", one would expect a service provider such as Clearview AI "to have good security but it does not seem to be the case."

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