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Windows 10: Ending Local Accounts?

Microsoft wants to wipe out the locals accounts from Windows 10. Lately it seems increasingly that Microsoft is trying to leave local accounts in the past and push them users use a Microsoft account.

So far, at installation in Windows 10, users could choose to create a local or Microsoft account.

Windows 10: Ending Local Accounts?

However, the local account is only connected to the computer, so it cannot be used to connect to other computers, it is not connected to the Windows 10 cloud as well as to the OneDrive and the Microsoft Store and does not require an email address. On the other hand, a Microsoft account is linked to the user's email address and connects Windows 10 to all Microsoft cloud-based services such as Office, Outlook, OneDrive Xbox, etc.

Microsoft deliberately makes it difficult the creatorone localthe accountthe

Since Windows 10 1903, many users are no longer able to create a local account during the initial setup.

Recently, this change has been extended to its usersς Indiaς andς Germanyς. For these users, the only way to create a local account during setup is to log offm the computer from Internet.

Just that! From now on it should to disconnect the computer from the Internet to you can create a local account during installation!

Windows 10: Ending Local Accounts?

If you do not want to disconnect your network, you must first create it a Microsoft account, and then (on the next screen) lets you create a local account.

Microsoft wants you in the cloud

As Windows 10 evolves, more and more of the online activity is on in cloud and your Microsoft account, such as OneDrive, Office, Microsoft Store, etc. Let's not forget that without a Microsoft Account Windows 10 is not so rich.

For this reason, it makes sense for Microsoft to push users to an account instead of a local one in order to exploit all of its available services.


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