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Apple doesn't allow bad guys to use iPhones in movies!

iPhoneYesterday, Rian Johnson, one of the most popular movie makers (Brick, The Brothers Bloom, Looper (2012), Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Knives Out) gave an interesting interview to Vanity Fair. Among other things he mentioned the placement agreements iPhone in movie theaters. According to Johnson, η Apple allows it use iPhone, but the bad guys are not allowed to have them Movies.

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Specifically, Rian Johnson said:

"Also another funny thing, I don't know whether to say it or not ... not because it's bad or something, but because it can affect the next movie mystery I am writing .. Forget it! I will tell. It is very interesting.

Apple… allows for the use of iPhones but - and this is very important if you're watching a mystery movie - the bad guys in the movies can't have an iPhone.

So ... oh no! Each creative who has a villain in his movie he wants to kill me now! ”

bad in the movies

It is known that the Apple he's got strict rules about how iPhones and others are used, displayed and photographed Appliances of. For example, Apple reports that the products it should only appear "in the best possible light", so that iPhones are presented in the best possible way.

Many people have noticed in the past that only "good guys" use Apple products in TV shows and movies. When playing "24", the Wired wrote for one theory of fans, who used to say that good kids use Macs while the bad ones use it PCs. The theory seems to be true.

Following Johnson's statement, viewers will certainly be much more attentive and watch the Appliances used by actors to understand who the bad guys are in the movies in good time.


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