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Home security McAfee: Launches a Managed MDR Detection and Response Platform

McAfee: Launches a Managed MDR Detection and Response Platform

McAfee acquires Light Point Security for browser-based security services and launches an MDR (Detection and Response Management) service in partnership with DXC Technology.

McAfee's moves, presented at the RSA 2020 conference, could be good news for the company's corporate partner ecosystem.

Browser Security: Next Move

Made by NSA veterans, Light Point's browser isolation technology performs web browsing activity in an isolated environment - such as a sandbox or one virtual machine. The result: malware cannot utilize daily browsing as a gateway to the end-user device.


McAfee plans to integrate browser isolation into the newly released MVISION UCE solution, which includes the McAfee Secure Web Gateway, McAfee Data Loss Prevention and Cloud MVISION (CASB).

Light Point Security, founded in 2012 by NSA veterans Zuly Gonzalez and Beau Adkins, is based in Baltimore. The first funders include Maryland Technology Development Corporationa and the Maryland Department of Economic Development, according to CB Insights.

We're looking into whether and how McAfee plans to expand technology of Light Point to invite partners.

DXC embraces McAfee for MDR services

Meanwhile, McAfee is also launching a global tracking and response management (MDR) platform. The new service will be launched in an already crowded market for MDR options.

Specifically, DXC Technology will be MDA's first strategic partner to implement McAfee's MVISION EDR solution, the companies say. That's good news. Some MDR software vendors sell directly to end customers - essentially compete with established MSP and MSSP providers. By contrast, McAfee doesn't seem to want to work that way.


In a statement, Ash Kulkarni, executive vice president and chief product officer of McAfee's business group, said:

“We have recognized that while MVISION EDR allows security teams to act faster and more accurately than before it was important to find a partner that could help provide a fully managed threat detection and response service for organizations who needed it. DXC was chosen because of its proven track record security hunting threats and forensic investigations, as well as deep knowledge of endpoint security. We are excited to see our cooperation expand to new areas development that support the vital needs of our customers ”.

Mark Hughes, senior VP and GM of DXC Security, added:

“As threats continue to grow and become more complex, it is important to understand that not all organizations have the time and resources to manage a modern center operational security. With MVISION EDR, MVISION ePO and McAfee Advanced Threat Defense, we will be able to offer a top endpoint security managed solution. ”


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