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AI tool "disappears" people in real time

Nowadays there is a view that the governments track people using them cameras that are embedded in their laptops. That is why there are many, including himself Mark Zuckerberg, who are used to covering their camera when not in use.

However, its a web engineer Google, Jason Mayes, has discovered another way to deceive those who spy on us.

Mayes has developed an AI-enabled tool that can eliminate people from a live webcam stream without affecting the rest of the plan.

To create the tool, Mayes used TensorFlow and javascript in order to remove people from complex backgrounds in real time. TensorFlow is a free and open source framework offered by Google for building machine learning models.

The "disappearance" tool uses machine learning to learn over time how to create artificial static background images that do not include people in a space. The neural network is trained to recognize human beings and then "disappear" them from the living stream of a webcam.

In the demonstration presented by the engineer, we can see that the tool is still not 100% perfect, as some parts of his body are still visible in the video showing him entering the frame. However, we hope that the tool will improve as time goes on and that it gets better and better trained.

Mayes has published the tool's source code on Github and you can try it using the code in your browser. What 's more exciting about it tool, is the fact that it works in real time and can be used to extinguish, for example, people from a surveillance camera.

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