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Google to Huawei users: Our basic apps are not available for sideloading

Η Google, through a new announcement, made it clear thati basic applications like her gmail and YouTube will not be available on new Huawei devices, because of prohibition that have been set USA in Chinese company. Not only will they not be pre-installed, but they will users will not be able to download (nor sideload) them.

Google has published a document in its community Android on Huawei's blacklisting of the United States. This happened last May, but the bans still apply. This document has now been published due to the expected release of new ones smartphone of Huawei.

In accordance with 9to5Google, Google consulted users not sideloading its Android applications to new, non-certified ones Appliances Huawei.

"Due to government restrictions, applications and services are not available for installation on new Huawei devices ", writes Tristan Ostrowski, the legal manager of Google Android and Play.

Ostrowski explained that Google is constantly getting questions about Huawei's new models and whether applications its can be used on these devices. THE company stresses that the ban does not depend on itself. Google has no problem giving Huawei its apps, but US laws do not.

Google Huawei sideloading

It also highlights why users inside and outside the US should not use methods such as side loading, to circumvent the ban.

Google explains that it is forbidden to work with Huawei or provide Google applications, such as Gmail, the Maps, YouTube, the Play Store and other.

If users try to download applications to their new devices, they are likely to face problems security issues. For this reason, Google advises users not to sideload applications on Huawei devices that do not have the built-in Play Protect.

"Due to the government restrictions described above, the new Huawei device models made available to the public after May 16, 2019 do not go through this process. security nor do they have Play Protect built-in. "This means that they have not received 'certification' and can not use Google applications and services," Ostrowski wrote.

Google Huawei sideloading

This means that Google's sideloaded applications "will not work reliably»Because unverified devices may already be compromised. In addition, sideloaded applications may have been modified or altered to put on risk users.

Users can check if their device is certified with Play Protect. They can do this by opening it Google Play Storeby pressing 'NAVIGATION'and selecting'Settings'. If certified, there will be 'Play Protect certification'.

US bans will not stop soon. For this reason, Huawei is trying to attract developers for creating applications in Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).


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