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The new Android 11 preview comes in Essential PH1

One pleasant development related to the Essential PH1 smartphone comes after the recent removal of future security and customer support updates from device. Specifically, soon smartphone, will receive a preview of the new one Android 11.

Earlier this month, the company announced it would close because of a lack of financial support. Essential was about to release the Project Gem smartphone, an attempt to create some unusual AI devices for which it even had a preview.

However, Android 11 is the last thing PH1 users could imagine that they would officially get on Appliances their. As developed by developer Braden Farmer (via XDA), Essential's developers have created a new branch called "r-preview" in GitHub company repo.

The new Android 11 preview comes in Essential PH1

The r-preview aims to make Android 11 GSI run on PH1 after making all the necessary adjustments. If it does, it will be the fifth major Android release to run on an Essential smartphone, which is a major milestone for any company.

For those who aren't aware, GSI is an Android image that can be installed on any Android device that supports Project Treble and PH1 is a top name on this list. THE Google Android 11 Developer Preview 1 recently launched, introducing new features for the next major release Android.

However, we should not expect Essential to receive an official Android 11 update in the future. The users will be able to install GSI on their PH1, mainly manually.


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