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Disney + subscription: Available for Europe at a reduced subscription price

Disney + subscription subscription priceDisney announced in November 2019 its entry into the streaming space, where platforms such as NetflixThe Amazon Prime and its corresponding streaming service Apple, noting that it has the material to compete with. After all, Disney has managed to get its own audience that has been following it for years.
Right after Disney announced that it was popular  streaming its service will also be available in Europe, and even a week earlier than planned, it began receiving a flood of messages asking if the company was going to offer subscription incentives as it had done before launching the streaming service on USA. Disney has decided that European users, with the exception of the Netherlands, where they were live in 2019, will receive a small discount if they sign up for the service before its official opening on March 24. Specifically, those who sign up for an entire year before that date will receive a £ 10 (€ 10) discount. In a message sent via emails to those on the Disney + waiting list, the company reports a slight discount on the annual subscription price of £ 49,99 / € 59,99. The offer is valid until March 23, and after that date, the subscription will return £ 5,99 / € 6,99 per month or £ 59,99 / € 69,99 per year.Disney + subscription price "The Mandalorian"

Disney has not yet confirmed whether major productions such as The Mandalorian will be shown in Europe, although it is now available throughout the US. "The Simpsons" is also said to be "idle" as it is not yet known if it will be available. In the "Frequently Asked Questions" section of the Disney + website, the company confirmed that there will be differences in the content that will be available in certain areas due to rights restrictions or other reasons. Disney + will be available in the UK, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland on March 24, while customers in Belgium, Portugal and Nordics can sign up soon.simpsons disney + subscription subscription price