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Home security Data breach on the service that handles Trump's communications

Data breach on the service that handles Trump's communications

TrumpThe American service defense handling safe communications by President Donald Trump said social security numbers and other personal data at network her have probably been violated. Many citizens have already received letters informing them of the possible infringement of their data. Many of these letters were published on Reuters.

The letters were sent on February 11, 2020, stating that between May and July 2019, a system of government service Defense Information Systems Agency (SOME) was breached, which puts them at risk data the citizens.

This service supports telecommunications and the IT Trump systems, and Vice President Mike Pence, their staff, the Secret Service USA and other senior officials of the armed forces.

Letters from DISA did not provide much detail on the incident security. For example, they did not mention which part of DISA's network was violated. We also do not know which people were affected by the violation.

Data breach

The White House and President Trump have not yet commented.

In addition, we do not know exactly how the violation occurred. The term “data breach” can mean many things. For example, they could have penetrated hackers on the service network. Another possible scenario is the exposure of a database or one server at Internet.

The service said that there is no evidence that they are personal data citizens and Trump have been used by third parties. However, there was a security incident, so people had to be informed of the possible infringement of data their. For this reason, the letters were also sent.

A Pentagon spokesman said the possible victims received "information on actions that can be taken to mitigate potential adverse effects" of the breach.

DISA, based in Fort Meade, Maryland, employs about 8.000 soldiers and civilians. A Pentagon spokesman did not say how many people may have been affected. However, he said DISA has done so research and has taken appropriate measures to improve security.


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