HomesecurityFirefox's VPN service becomes the official Android application

Firefox's VPN service becomes the official Android application

Η Mozilla has launched a beta version of its VPN service for Android. The company, which has long been trying to get into the VPN game, has now launched an Android application for its Firefox Private Network (FPN). The app, which is in beta, appears on the Play Store, but it has yet to be acquired. According to his description Play Store, the app will allow users to protect their connection while using any app.

Firefox Private Network Whatsapp is not accompanied by bandwidth restrictions, even when used publicly Wi-Fi. There is currently a waiting list for the application, so you will need to wait until you receive an invitation before you can install the application in Windows 10 your device.

The official website of Firefox Private Network states that the service is currently in beta and costs $ 4,99 (about 350 euros) for thirty days. If you want to start using Firefox Private Network, you must first sign up for the waiting list. Currently the app is exclusively available in the US, extending to additional areas soon. The app is available for Windows 10, Android and Chromebook, while users iOS, Mac and Linux they have to wait a little longer.

Mozilla VPN

Why choose Firefox Private Network?

The service works with Mullvad, which, according to the FPN website, is committed to not monitoring or recording your network browsing or history. Mullvad uses the newest WireGuard protocol, which improves encryption and offers higher speeds.

Firefox Private Network was the result of Mozilla's updated Firefox test program. The FPN has been tested for the last 12 months. It started as a browser-based VPN and can now be accessed through full Android and Windows 10 applications.

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