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How to listen to and delete Alexa hidden recordings?

AlexaAs is well known, the Amazon records everything you say on Alexa. In fact, sometimes the employees of company can hear the recordings.

If you want to avoid this situation, see how to listen to everything you have said to Alexa and how to delete it.

A former specialist Amazon admitted that it disables Alexa to prevent third-party conversations.

Amazon sends some audio data to specific employees who deal with this system.

These employees monitor the recordings to make sure the system is working properly. The goal is improvement of.

However, sometimes your conversations are recorded without your knowledge.

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So what should you do?

How to find the recordings?

First, you need to open it Alexa app at smartphone or on your tablet.

Tap on the menu bar on the left side, then click “Settings"

Select it “Alexa Privacy” and go to “Review Voice History” (voice history).

At this point you can control all recordings made by Alexa with or without your will.

To listen to the recordings, simply tap the text you want to listen to, then click the icon

How to delete Alexa recordings?

To delete the recordings, touch the little box next to each record (you mark them, tick)

Then, go to the top of the list and select “Deletion selected records"

You can also delete data by selecting specific dates (eg "Today", "This Week" or "All History"). Once you have selected them, click on "Delete all recordings" and delete all the recordings found in these recordings. dates.

If you want to delete records from a specific one speaker, you can select it Filter By Device and select the exact Alexa gadget you are looking for.

Finally, there is the ability to delete voice recordings by voice command.

Just say "Alexa, erase what I just said" or "Alexa erase everything I said today".

Is it necessary to delete the recordings?

It's alarming that Amazon stores a huge amount of audio data that belong to you.

Many large companies SOCIAL MEDIA have been violated and leaked. So you can never really be safe.

But deleting your recordings is not always the best idea.

It enhances your security and privacy, but may adversely affect your experience with Alexa.

Alexa learns your voice and habits and thus improves service.

If you remove all voice recordings, this "learning process" is canceled. Of course, it still works pretty well.

So the choice is yours: you prefer maximum privacy or a better one service;

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