HomesecurityThe 5 Best Dark Web Browsers for 2020

The 5 Best Dark Web Browsers for 2020

Everyone realizing the Internet's invasion of everyday life is trying to protect their privacy as much as possible. Below you will find the best Dark web browsers for 2020.

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Tor is the first dark web browser on the Web to be launched safely and anonymously before any other search engine.

His extraordinary in-depth scrutiny power made him famous until the FBI hacked it in 2014. But after that hacking, Tor fixed its gaps, making it more powerful and secure for dark web users.

However, Tor is not so secure because it only does that by removing your traffic through multiple nodes instead of directly connecting your physical device.

To make a connection completely anonymous, the user will also need a VPN to set up with Tor. Tor is run by a team of volunteers who take care of the network traffic bounce.

Tor is fully functional on Mac OS, Windows and Linux and is a widely used dark web browser that can hide user activity and protect you from ISPs and hackers trying to track your activities.

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Another dark web browser called I2P, which is completely different from Tor as it offers anonymity because it works with multiple layers of data flow, thus protecting your privacy.

This is strictly a message based on a library for reliable communications. Communications are end-to-end encrypted (four levels) encryption) with cryptographic identifiers at the end, which can then be decoded using public or private keys.

The dark web browser framework is based on a TCP / UDP or IP data transfer protocol.

Tor's structure is not secure, because it only redirects your traffic across multiple nodes instead of directly connecting your physical device, so it helps to limit it. monitoring, so it helps limit tracking, but doesn't cover your IP.

I2P is based on a system where the sender creates a tunnel for outbound data and the receiver will have already created a tunnel for the incoming data.

The client-sender will send its message through this outgoing tunnel, which will be received by the other client using the incoming tunnel and vice versa.

These tunnels are recognized by requiring themselves in a network database, which is something like a structured distributed hash table based on the kademelia algorithm.

I2P is currently used to create one anonymous site using a standard web server and its connection to the I2PTunnel Server.

If you want to go anonymous on the web and are not ready to install a VPN, then I2P is for you.


Subgraph OS

Subgraph is a dark Tor-based open source web browser. Unlike Tor or I2P, Subgraph OS is an OS, not a standalone browser.

Subgraph OS uses Kernel hardening, Metaproxy, Sandboxing, Package security, Application network policies, binary integrity and file system encryption for robust deployment security on their network.

Sandboxing could isolate your browsing experience, removing instances where malware is detected and separating them from regular browsing.

Subgraph also comes with a secure IM called CoyIM and an email client called Icedove to eliminate customer communication vulnerabilities.

Just like I2P, Subgraph operates at different levels helping users with a non-stop internet connection keeping their privacy and anonymity.

With all the advanced security features it can provide, Subgraph OS can always be selected as a tool for dark web browsing.

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Like other dark web browsers, TAILS contributes equally to assisting users with their dark browsing.

Amnestic Incognito Live (TAILS) is a live OS developed to provide complete anonymity and privacy for users. TAILS can be used on any computer using one USB stick ή DVD.

Creates complete confidentiality by communicating through Tor's Dark Browser network by encrypting messages, files and emails using cryptographic tools.

TAILS is a free software that, when used, temporarily disables your normal OS and activates it after deactivating TAILS. It also does not require storage space, since it operates mostly in RAM and leaves no trace behind.

If you are looking for a simple but safe dark web browser, TAILS should be one of your options.



Whonix is ​​similar to Subgraph, which means it is not a standalone browser, but an OS based on free TOR software.

Whonix is ​​so powerful that it even has malware root rights will not be able to find the IP address of users due to TOR connections.

Aside from being a dark web browser, since Whonix is ​​an OS, it gives it the right users to create and use it server them, remaining invisible.

Whoonix comes with pre-installed applications and in addition to the above privileges, the Whonix browser comes with 'Data Stream Isolation' and after not using the same TOR exit nodes, it ends up being one of the best dark web browsers.

Since most dark web browsers are based on the TOR network, the TOR browser remains the best choice.

But if you are looking for other features like sandboxing, file encryption, secure IM and email clients you can try one of the other dark web browsers listed above.

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