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The EU is asking Facebook to adjust to its rules


Ο Thierry breton, industry commissioner EUsaid Monday that Facebook should comply with Europe's standards, not the other way round, while criticizing the company's inadequate rules on social media. networks.

The caustic comments came after a brief meeting with him CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and two days before Breton introduced the first of a series of rules that would restrict US tech giants and state-owned Chinese companies.

Zuckerberg told reporters earlier that he had a good, broad conversation with Breton.

Breton also said he would decide by the end of the year whether to adopt stringent rules under the Digital Services Act to regulate e-commerce. platforms and will determine their responsibilities.

It rejected a discussion paper issued by Facebook on Monday, which rejects what it calls nonsensical regulations and proposes looser rules for companies to periodically report content and publish enforcement data.

"Not enough," Breton said, adding that Facebook had failed to mention its market dominance and failed to clarify its responsibilities.

EU justice chief Vera Jourova also met with Zuckerberg and was equally vocal about the role Facebook should play in terms of rhetoric hatred, misinformation and election manipulation on its platform.

Breton will announce proposals Wednesday aimed at exploiting EU industrial data and contesting the sovereignty of Facebook, Google and Amazon. It will announce rules governing the use of artificial intelligence, which will also affect companies such as Facebook.

For its part, Facebook urged regulators to understand the potential and limitations of technology in content evaluation and to allow companies Internet the flexibility to innovate.


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