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How to increase download speed in simple steps?

Below you will see how you can increase the download speed of your device. The steps are general fixes that should be your first choice and we are sure they will help the situation.

1. Check the download speed. The easiest way to do this is to type in Google's Internet speed, then click on the search you find at the top of the search results and then click on the RUN SPEED TEST button. This will give you an estimate of your computer's current download speed.

  • If you find that the download speed is significantly faster than the actual downloads, the problem probably isn't with the Internet.
  • If the download speed is much slower than your Internet pack and router allow, you need to minimize the number of devices connected to the Internet.

2 Disconnect any non-standard devices from the Internet. The more devices you have on your network, the slower your Internet connection. If you can turn off consoles, phones, televisions, tablet and alternative computers, your PC downloads will be faster.

3 Turn off applications you are not using. When you download a large (or a small) file, it helps to disable it applications that take advantage of your bandwidth.

  • For example, you should close BitTorrent if it is running in the background while trying to download a Windows update.

4 Turn off streaming services. Netflix, Hulu, even the YouTube can be a serious "leak" in download speed. Even if the percentage is small, disabling these services will increase download speeds.

  • You should also close any non-main browser windows or tabs.

5 Try connecting your computer to your router over Ethernet. If your computer does not use an Ethernet connection, connect it to your router with an Ethernet cable and see if the download speed is increased.

  • If the download speed does not increase, your wireless router connection is poor. Try staying closer to the router or buying a stronger router.
  • If the download speed does not increase, the problem is either with the router or with your computer.
  • You can reset the router's cache by disconnecting both the router and the modem, waiting for about a minute and then plugging everything back in.

6 Avoid uploading while trying to download. Just imagine trying to upload to Torrent will kill all your download speeds. Wait for all your downloads to finish and no longer use the Internet.

7 Do force protocol encryption if you are using a torrenting service. This action disguises everything you download, so that the ISP not to speed it up selectively. To do this:

  • Click Options in the BitTorrent or uTorrent window.
  • Click Preferences.
  • Click on BitTorrent.
  • Click the "Outgoing" drop-down box.
  • Select Forced.
  • Click Apply, and then click OK.

8 Buy a new router. If your router is more than two years old, it will start to slow down, and will not handle downloads like a newer one.

  • When buying a new router, make sure you look for models that support the same download speed as the Internet pack (or, ideally, higher download speeds).

9 Upgrade your Internet connection speed. Some Internet connections just aren't able to handle extended downloads, such as consoles or computer game facilities. Many ISPs have a "Gamer" package that prioritizes download speeds, although you will probably have to pay significantly more for this package than for a standard Internet package.

10 Contact your ISP. If you have tried anything else and cannot increase download speeds, you will need to call your ISP and report any problems you have.

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