HomesecurityThe target of extortion attacks fell on Google Adsense service sites

The target of extortion attacks fell on Google Adsense service sites

Cyberextortion concept with faceless hooded male person using tablet computer, low key red and blue lit image and digital glitch effect

A new extortion scam is targeting its service sites Google AdSense and requires bitcoin in return for not making one attack. As experts say, such an attack can cause targeted AdSense accounts to be suspended or even banned.

KrebsOnSecurity first mentioned the malicious program it is using messages email to spread on February 17, after some site owners received a blackmail message.

$ 5.000 in bitcoin to prevent attack

Malicious agents are demanding $ 5.000 in BTC to stop their attack. The owner of a site that shared the message with KrebsOnSecurity reported that invalid feeds in AdSense statistics have increased significantly. THE Google said the scam is a classic case of sabotage, in which fraudsters try to take action against the owners by sending invalid data streams to their ads.

Google's advertising policy is very strict

The bad news attack came shortly after Google enforced a stricter advertising policy.

Not long ago, Google voiced its opposition to cryptocurrencies and decentralization. In June 2018, it announced that it was going to ban cryptocurrencies-related ads and that it had updated its financial services policy. Recently, he put keywords containing it Ethereum (ETH) on a blacklist for its advertising platform.

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