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Home security Fortinet firewall: FortiGate 1800F for more security

Fortinet firewall: FortiGate 1800F for more security

Fortinet firewallFortinet has released the next generation firewall, powered by the NP7 network processor, which helps speed up security features, such as graphics processors and enhancing computer performance.Fortinet Firewall FortiGate 1800F

The FortiGate 1800F aims to strengthen data centers to respond to emerging threats, improve performance, and enforce policies.

Ο John maddison, executive vice president of products and chief marketing officer at Fortinet, said the company built its own processor for its systems to better manage the security of all things, such as mobile devices and multi-purpose applications in cloud, on the Internet.John Maddison - Fortinet

Maddison also mentioned that the NP7 is essentially designed as a security processing unit, while its predecessor, the NP6, was launched in 2012. He also pointed out that it is essentially a complete firewall on a single chip.

Fortinet CEO Ken Xie scorned the NP7 processor, saying Fortinet posted better profit than in the fourth quarter. For 2019, Fortinet had revenue of $ 2,16 billion. This means that its profits have increased by 20% compared to 2018. Ken Xie also stressed that the company aims to gain even greater market share by investing in network security, building the Security Fabric platform and innovating in 5G sectors, and production , as well as on edge and cloud security.Fortinet - Ken Xie

Fortinet has decided to build its own custom processors instead of limiting itself to outdated central processing units, citing security and application performance considerations.Fortinet firewall: FortiGate 1800F
The firewall also adapts to distributed users, devices and applications, regardless of their location.

The FortiGate 1800F also includes the following:

  • The highest SSL inspection performance with Compute Security 20x rating and support for the latest TLS 1.3 standard.
  • Hardware that speeds up the virtual local area network or VXLAN extension. VXLAN enables fast communication between tiered services hosted on virtual and physical platforms.
  • Ability to provide workloads with artificial intelligence and machine learning as well as large data sets.

Fortinet has also released FortiOS 6.4, a security fabric (which uses FortiTelemetry to connect various sensors and security tools to collect, coordinate and respond to any malicious behavior occurring in a real-time network) to automate workflows. infrastructure and attackers. FortiGate 1800F

In addition, the platform has more than 350 new features such as application optimization, segment visibility, zero network trust, improved device profiles, AI-driven security features and support for AwS Outposts and Google Cloud Anthos. Finally, Maddison said Fortinet maintains all APIs are policy-compliant and therefore partners do not need to change.

Finally, it announced that the company launched FortiGuard Labs through the Fortinet 360 Protection Bundle, which includes operating, support and security services.FortiGuard Labs


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