Homesecurity"Keyless repeater": The device that "unlocks" luxury cars!

"Keyless repeater": The device that "unlocks" luxury cars!

In San Francisco one hacker under the name "EvanConnect" has developed a device that allows users to breach luxury cars using a wireless fob key with built-in authentication. This device is called a "keyless repeater" and costs $ 9.000. In a recently released video, “EvanConnect” shows how the device works. Specifically, in the video he approaches a friend's car and, using the small portable antenna, unlocks the car driver's door and starts the engine. However, as “EvanConnect” points out in the video, there is no guarantee that its customers could use the device.

In addition, "EvanConnect" emphasized that the "keyless repeater" works on all luxury cars except those using frequencies between 22 and 40 khz, such as models Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Bentley and Rolls Royce that began to market after 2014.

He also mentioned the upgraded version of the $ 12.000 “keyless repeater” that can unlock any car using a wireless fob key. He also said in a statement that he has not stolen any cars with technology, although he finds it very easy to do. So, once he sees it as a "dirty" job, he prefers to make money simply by selling and marketing the tools.

A vice security expert, Mr Samy kamkar, after being informed of the "EvanConnect" plan, said that the "keyless repeater" technology is well known in the industry.

However, Samy Kamkar emphasized that he is not able to confirm that the video is legal, but thinks it is perfectly reasonable, and did not hesitate to state that he also carried out the same attack on more than ten vehicles, using one hardware that he has devised.