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The RFID sensor detects when a diaper has become soiled

As he says MIT News, researchers  from MIT have developed a miniature sensor RFID, which can detect the moisture of a diaper and send a signal to the child's guardians to change it. They say the sensor can be manufactured for less than 2 cents, making it suitable for single diapers use.

This RFID sensor can be incorporated into the hydrogel commonly found in disposable diapers. When the diaper is wet, the hydrogel expands and becomes conductive enough to activate the sensor to send a signal to an RFID reader within a meter radius and all without batteries. A reader connected to the network Wi-Fi a home could be placed next to a swing and send alerts to phone of a parent. Alternatively, a small portable reader on a keychain can also alert parents that their baby's diaper needs to be changed.

Strange as it may sound, soiled diapers are the first cause of divorce in America. When a baby has a soiled diaper and cries in the evening, it also disturbs his parents' sleep, which leads to tiredness and quarrels between the couple.

Pampers already sells smart Lumi diapers. But they are expensive and feature a massive detachable Bluetooth sensor that requires regularity charging and cleaning. This is a typical "smart" solution that tries to do much more than it can, monitoring sleep habits in addition to moisture in the diaper. Huggies also has a smart diaper Bluetooth that watches every time the diaper gets dirty.

The research behind the new RFID sensor was conducted by Pankhuri Sen, Sai Nithin R. Kantareddy, Rahul Bhattacharyya, Sanjay E. Sarma and Joshua E. Siegel. The results were published today in IEEE Sensors.


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