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Netflix: JPEG needs replacement

Netflix: JPEG needs replacement

Η Netflix has released an updated image file format called AVIF or AV1, which it believes may be the new replacement of the 27-year-old JPEG.

Netflix has the AVIF framework as open source for others to stand out from whatAs other forms of speed and compression efficiency.

Although Netflix is ​​engaged in video broadcasting, the company has many images to compress in its menus on TVs, phones, tablets, laptops and live streaming devices connected to televisions.

JPEG came from the Joint Photographic Experts Group, which is developing a new JPEG specification called JPEG XL. However, in the last two years Netflix, Google, Google MicrosoftThe FacebookThe Mozilla Firefox and others are developing AVIF at the same time.

Other formats competing with AVIF include the WebP format developed by Google, which is supported by Android, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and of course Google Chrome. WebP resulted from Google's work on VP8 video format. Netflix engineers note that WebP does not have the flexibility of JPEG 2000 format, although the format is more efficient than PNG in some cases.

Then there is HVEC - High-Efficiency Video Coding, the successor of H.264-Advanced Video Coding, which is supported on the devices iOS and MacOS Apple.
Like HVEC, AVIF allows integration
REVIEWS intra-frame coded content.

The Netflix postedυto somea screenshot, comparing the superiority of AVIF to relationship with JPEG and mores formss. While Netflix says AVIF can deliver excellent compression performance, AVIF's effort is still in the works. original stage of development. However, Alliance for Open Media develops the libavif library for encoding and decoding AVIF images.

"Πethanethen, soon we will try AVIF images in AndroidNote its engineers Netflix.


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