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Essential: The smartphone production company "puts a padlock"!

Essential PH-1The American production company smartphone, Essential, which was founded in 2015 by its later CEO, Andy Rubin, announced that it was going to shut down just a few months after announcing Project Gem. Project Gem was a new initiative aimed at developing some off-market devices for a highly aesthetic smartphone market. Essential said that despite its efforts, it will not be able to complete the Gem and therefore it will not be available to the consumer public. This is the reason why the company took the unpleasant and difficult decision for it to "close".Andy Rubin

Essential has only released one device since 2015 Android in 2017, under the name Essential PH-1. Rubin is known in the tech industry for his contribution to the early development of Android OS. The PH-1 was the first Android device to bring the first "proper notch" into our lives as we know it, followed by iPhone of the Apple X, despite the fact that the LG was the first company to experiment with the LG V10 notch.

Essential did everything it could to make its phone stand out in the market, as evidenced by the fact that the PH-1 received the Android 10 update on the same day as its Pixel series. Google.

The company also released a 360 Mod camera and a high quality audio adapter for the smartphone. The "closure" of Essential entices Newton Mail, a leading e-mail service for Android and iOS users, among others. In particular, Essential stated that Newton Mail will be available to users by April 30, 2020.Newton Mail

This raises many questions for users as to what will be done with their Essential PH-1. The company said that the security update for the Essential PH-1 released on February 3, 2020 was the last. However, users can continue to use their smartphone normally, except that there will be no customer support or software updates to download. In addition, the company will upload the Android image for PH-1, along with other related data, to its GitHub repo to provide developers with easy access. Still, thanks to the Android community, users will be able to utilize various ROMs that are compatible with the Essential PH-1. In this way, the smartphone will continue to acquire new features in the future.


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