HomesecurityFacebook: The release of its "Dating" mode has been canceled!

Facebook: The release of its "Dating" function has been canceled!

Facebook was planning to release a new feature on application , the "Dating" function. However, it was forced to withdraw its official release date in Europe because, on the one hand, it failed to provide its chief data regulator. EU previously the necessary information about it and on the other hand because it failed to prove that "Dating" would respect and protect the privacy and privacy of users of the application.Facebook "Dating"

In particular, Ireland's reported that Irish Data Protection Committee (DPC) had sent agents to Facebook's Dublin offices, who inspected and confiscated documents referred to in section 130 of the country's data protection law, seeking evidence that Facebook had not previously made available.Irish Data Protection Committee (DPC)

According to the DPC, Facebook talked about the appearance of the "Dating" function in the EU on February 3.

However, the fact that Facebook did not provide any information about the impact that the new feature on Data Protection (Data Protection Impact Assessment (PDIA)) would have and the decision-making processes followed by Facebook Ireland caused some concerns and concerns. Facebook announced its plan to enter the "game" of Dating in May 2018, taking from tinder the idea to create a function for non-friends on his social network and present it at the F8 developer conference. He also tried to launch the new feature in Colombia. Since then it has gradually added more countries to South America and Asia. It also launched Dating in the United States shortly after it was fined $ 5 billion by the FTC for its historic privacy mistakes.Tinder "Dating"

Facebook also said that the "Dating" feature will be available in Europe by early 2020, but does not take into account the protection of privacy under EU rules. In addition, DPC confirmed that its representatives visited the Facebook office in Dublin on 10 February to carry out an inspection and obtain relevant documents. DPC communications chief Graham Doyle confirmed that they were examining all the documents they had gathered as part of the inspection and that they had asked Facebook further questions about the case, awaiting an answer. There was a DPIA process in the documents that Facebook did not send to the DPC on February 3, which raised many questions.DPIA

So DPC is going to ask Facebook when it did DPIA. A Facebook spokesperson said that it is very important to start Facebook "Dating" properly, so it takes a little more time to be sure that the feature will be ready to be available in the European market. He also noted that Facebook's staff has worked diligently to ensure user privacy and assess the impact of data processing. DPC asked Facebook why it did not provide the necessary information in advance, instead of asking the regulator to send agents to Facebook offices to collect them, claiming it was "very important" to get started "correctly". The regulator could ask Facebook to make changes to the way Dating operates in Europe if it does not become clear that it is complying with EU law. So a delay could mean many things.

Although a DPIA (a process for evaluating the intended processing of personal data to take account of the impact on human rights and freedoms) is a requirement under the GDPR when, for example, a large-scale profile or sensitive data is processed .

Finally, the release of a Dating feature on a platform such as FaceBook, which has millions of users, requires even more careful evaluation before being released to the market.