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Ubuntu shortcuts guide: Everything you need to know

Knowledge of shortcuts increases your productivity. Here are some useful shortcuts to Ubuntu that will help you use Ubuntu 18.04 and other pro versions.

The article does not include generic shortcuts such as Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + V (paste) or Ctrl + S (save), but some less familiar and at the same time more important.

Note: The super key in Linux refers to the key with their logo Windows. We use capital letters in shortcuts, but that doesn't mean you have to press the shift key. For example, T means only the 't' key, not Shift + t.

Key combinations in Ubuntu 18.04

1: Super key: Opens activity search. If you only need to use one keyboard shortcut in Ubuntu, this will be the one here.

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Do you want to open an application? Press the super key and look for the application. If the application is not installed, ubuntu will recommend applications from the software center.

Want to see current apps? Press the super key and it will show you all current applications.

Do you want to use another workspace? Just press the super key and you can see the workspace selection on the right side.

Key combinations in Ubuntu 18.04 shortcuts

2: Ctrl + Alt + T: Ubuntu 18.04 terminal. Do you want to open a new terminal? Ctrl + Alt + T is the shortcut to open a terminal in Ubuntu. (Works on other Linux distributions as well).

Key combinations in Ubuntu 18.04 shortcuts

3: Super + L or Ctrl + Alt + L: Κλείδωμα screen. Τlocking the screen when you're not at your desk is one of the most basic safety tips. Instead of going to the top right corner and then choosing lock, you can simply use the Super + L key combination.

Key combinations in Ubuntu 18.04 shortcuts

4: Super + D or Ctrl + Alt + D: Displays the desktop. Pressing the Super + D button minimizes all running applications and displays the desktop.

Pressing it again Super + D will open all windows as it was before.

You can also use it Ctrl + Alt + D.

Key combinations in Ubuntu 18.04 shortcuts

5: Super + A: Displays the applications menu. You can open the application menu at Ubuntu 18.04 GNOME by clicking on the 9 dots at the bottom left of the screen. However, a faster way is to use the combination Super + A.

It will display the applications menu where you can view the installed applications on your system and also search for them.

6: Super + Tab or Alt + Tab: move between running applications. If you have more than one running application, you can move between applications using combinations Super + Tab or Alt + Tab.

7:Super + Arrow keys: Snap windows. This is also available at Windows. When using an application, press the Super key and the left arrow and the application will move to the left edge of the screen, taking up half of the screen.

Similarly, by pressing them Super keys and Right arrow, the application will move to the right edge.

Key combinations in Ubuntu 18.04 shortcuts

8: Super + M or Super + V: show alerts. Super + M: GNOME has a notification panel where you can view alerts for various system and application activities. You will also find the calendar here. To close the table, press the shortcut again.

Key combinations in Ubuntu 18.04

9: Super + Space: Change language keyboard. If you use two or more languages, you can quickly change the keyboard with the shortcut Super + Space.


10: Alt + F2: Run consul. If you want to execute a command prompt instead of opening a terminal and running the command there, you can use the Alt + F2 to run the console.

This is especially useful when you need to use it applications which can only be run from the terminal.

11: Ctrl + Q: Shuts it down application. If you are running an application, you can close it using the key combination Ctrl + Q. You can also use it Ctrl + W for that reason.
It doesn't work in some applications like terminal.

12: Ctrl + Alt + arrow: Move between workspaces. If you are one of the users who use workspaces, you can use them Ctrl + Alt + Up and Ctrl + Alt + down to move between his workplaces Ubuntu 18.04.

13: Ctrl + Alt + Del: logout. Not like that Windows! The combination Ctrl + Alt + Del Ubuntu won't bring it task manager on Ubuntu. In Ubuntu, this combination takes you out of the login window.

Creating combinations


You are not limited to ready-made shortcuts. You can create your own keyboard shortcuts as you like.

Go to Settings-> Appliances-> Keyboard. You will see all the keyboard shortcuts on your system. At the bottom you will find the option to create shortcuts.

Next, you need to give an easy name to the shortcut, the command to execute when used, and the key combinations to use.


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