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Home security Survey: Attacks on Mac computers increased in 2019

Survey: Attacks on Mac computers increased in 2019

PoppyThe computers Poppy they are often presented as the safest option for them users. However, a new study has shown that computers Apple have done their favorite target hackers lately.

The research was done by her researchers Malwarebytes, who analyzed data related to cyberattacks targeting company clients. The researchers they discovered that The attacks malware on Mac computers have increased significantly in recent years.

According to their report, in 2019 the average “detection” of malware per Mac was 11. In 2018, the average was just 4,8.

The most interesting finding, though, is that Mac attacks were more than Windows attacks during 2019. The average attacks on Windows was 5,8.

In addition, the researchers noted that the threats that target Mac computers are very different from those targeted by Windows systems. The most common threats for Macs are adware and other "potentially unwanted programs». These programs may be useful as legitimate software, but they are installed on Macs with aggressive marketing and invasive tactics.

As mentioned above, Mac systems are generally considered safe because they can detect effectively threats and malware. But the hackers find ways to overtake the systems defenses.

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"While these threats are not considered as dangerous as traditional malware, they are a nuisance to users Macs, who can no longer say that their favorite systems are no longer at risk of malware, "the report said.

Of course, there are even bigger threats that target Mac computers. For example, they have been found Trojans that target Macs. The specific ones attacks they were not as effective as those in windows, but they still are risk for users.

Experts believe that cybercriminals will improve them techniques and will begin to cause greater damage to its systems Apple.

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