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How to Prevent IP Spoofing of a Website

IP spoofing was a lot more serious exploit than it is now, but it continues to be a cause of concern for webmasters. Although you can never be safe from them attacks, there are things you can do to add a level of protection to your website.

1: Understand the risks. If you do not understand what it is, IP Spoofing is the use of different types software to change the destination address in the IP packets header. These packets are sent over an offline network (packets in offline networks are also known as datagrams), which makes them suitable for handling. The IP or IP modes TCP spoofing (the latter is not a problem nowadays) is constantly being reduced to improve internet security and develop new protocols, but there are still people using it for malicious purposes. The most common violations of IP Spoofing today are:

>> IP user authentication based exploits - where the attacker shares the IP of the network he is trying to access

>> Denial-of-service attacks - Direct, where the attacker modifies the destination in the IP packets by sending them to the destination address, or indirect, where the attacker sends requests to different reflectors / amplificators, with the header modified to indicate that the the target is the source of the package.

IP Spoofing

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2: Adjust it router you to filters packages. This will prevent some of the potential exploits of IP spoofing. The Ingress filter prevents packets coming from a different IP from being referred to as a source in their header. When properly implemented, this prevents intruders from flooding your system with requests.

IP Spoofing

3: Avoid direct user authentication. If you have a big one network, you must not allow IP based certification. Creating additional levels of protection may cost you comfort, but will keep your system much safer.

IP Spoofing

4: Rely on encryption. Cryptographic protocols such as HTTP Secure (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH) and Security Layer Security (TLS) prevent much of the risk by encrypting packets so that they cannot be modified.

web page

5: Choose a reliable ISP. Wanting to reduce the threat of IP spoofing, most ISPs (ISP) filter the website. This means that they are trying to work together to try to track the packet path and identify packets that are not trusted.

web page

6: Work on your safety. Upgrading security is always a good idea. Since its introduction two-factor authentication until your employees / partners are trained in cyber security practices.

web page

7: Invest in detection software of IP spoofing. While following the steps above, a decent job should be done to protect the site from spoofing. But you still want something to alert you if you become a victim of it. Fortunately, there is enough software to help you with this, as long as you find something that fits your needs and pocket.


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