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Google: EU rigor threatens online innovation!

Google vs EUGoogle, on the first day of litigation over a € 2,4 billion fine for allegedly obstructing smaller rivals in search markets, claimed that the European Commission 's strict antitrust laws pose a threat to online innovation.

According to Google's lawyer, Thomas Graf, in the five-member panel of the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg during the first of three hearings, if Google had objected to the Commission's decision in 2008, it would have had no more. choice rather than abandon the innovative technologies her and her sophisticated plans.

The litigation over the EU's 2017 decision also sets the stage for Google's pending appeals to impose separate fines from the Brussels regulator for unjustified linking of Android applications and to prevent ad-hoc rivals.

The judges' decision, expected in the coming months, will mark the end of another chapter in the nearly ten-year-old retaliation dispute between Google and the European Commission, which accused the company of using its market power to crush competition when users are looking on-line products.

The Commission's course on Google's punishment was not consistent. Her unit Alphabet Inc. claimed that small-market providers were not high on the survey because they provided poor quality and competition was only “one click away”.Google vs EU

Regulators appeared to be skeptical while seeking a settlement that Google would make changes to the search display to terminate the review without fines. This, as a result, has caused European publishers and politicians frenzy and has led to the EU's position being reversed and imposing a penalty since Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager assumed office in 2014.


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