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Capture a gameplay video without a capture card

Registering and sharing the game has become a great hobby for many players. Pages like YouTube and Twitch have created a whole new audience for video game sharing. With the latest consoles, you can easily record without the need for an add-on software or material. If you play on a computer, there are free programs that you can use to record your gameplay.

PlayStation 4 Registration:


1: Start playing. PlayStation 4 records constantly and always saves the last 15 minutes of play. PlayStation does not record system menus or videos.

PlayStation 4 gameplay

2: Press the "Share" button when you want to save what just happened. Tapping it will open the “Share” menu so you can save the recording you just played.

PlayStation 4 gameplay

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3: Tap the box to save your clip. The recorded video, up to the last fifteen minutes, will be stored on your PS4 hard drive.

PlayStation 4 gameplay

4: Double-click the “Share” button to start a new recording. If you are playing a game and want to start a new subscription, you can double-click on the "share" button. Note that this will delete anything that has already been logged, but will not save it. Press the "Share" button again when you want to finish the recording. Otherwise it will stop automatically after 15 minutes.

PlayStation 4 gameplay

5: Open the Recording Gallery to find your saved videos. You can find all your saved videos in the capture gallery application. You'll find this app in the PS4 main menu or in the Library if you haven't used it recently.


6: Find the video you want. The collection will organize the videos according to the title of the game. Navigate to the game you were making a video to, then select "Video" to find your saved videos.


7: Play or edit the video. You can view the video in the gallery or open it in ShareFactory to edit it.


8: Upload the video. You can upload the video to Facebook or YouTube from the Share menu. You will be prompted to sign in with your Facebook / YouTube account.

9: Insert a USB flash drive to copy the video. If you want to move videos to your computer, you will need a USB flash drive.

10: Touch Options on the controller to copy the video. To copy videos to the USB drive, press the Options button on the controller and select "Copy to USB Storage". Select the videos you want to copy to the USB drive. Select “Copy”.

Note: The transfer process may take a few minutes to complete. The videos are in MP4 format in a folder called "PS4" on the USB drive.

Xbox One registration:

Xbox One

1: Start playing the game you want to record. The Xbox always records the last five minutes of your game. You can easily save thirty seconds of video or save the entire five minute video.

Xbox One

2: Press the Xbox button twice, and then press the X button to save the last 30 seconds. This is perfect for a quick moment when you want to share with friends or save it for later.
If you use Kinect, you can say "Xbox, record it".

Xbox One

3: Open the Game Game DVR to record larger clips. The Xbox constantly records the last five minutes of gameplay, which you can access through the Game DVR app. Press the Xbox button two times, select "Snap an app", then select "Game DVR".
If you use Kinect, you can say "Xbox, snap Game DVR".

Xbox One

4: Select "Close Clip" to save the videos you have taken. You can choose to save from the last 30 seconds to the last 5 minutes.

5: Select "Start Clip Now" to start a new recording. This will end your previous recording and start the new one. You can stop it whenever you want or it will automatically shut down after five minutes.

Xbox One

6: Always save your videos. When you finish recording, it is not permanently saved. Keeping your videos in the Records will delete them unless you save them manually.

This is done in the following way:

>> Open the Game DVR and select "Show Clips".
>> Highlight the video clip you want to save.
Press the Menu button and select "Save". This will save the video to the Xbox hard drive.

7: Upload your videos. Xbox One lets you upload your videos to Xbox Live or share it with your Xbox friends. You can also upload them to OneDrive, which will allow you to share it with anyone or download it to your computer.

Computer enrollment:

Xbox One

1: Install a screen recorder. There is a wide variety of programs. Explore all the options available to see which one will give you the best performance. Some of the most popular options are:

FRAPS - This is one of the oldest video games specially designed for games. It has little effect on your system performance and gives you various options to customize your recording.

Nvidia ShadowPlay - This is a video capture feature for its graphics cards Nvidia. If you have a supported card, you can use the Nvidia Experience program to get started. Because ShadowPlay is embedded in Nvidia cards, there is very little performance impact when using it.

Open Software Broadcast (OBS) - This is a free software program designed for live streaming, but it can also record gameplay.

2: Adjust the recording settings. Most programs let you adjust the quality settings before you start recording. The higher the quality, the greater the final file. In OBS, click the "Settings" button.

Click on the “Encoding” tab. Enter 1000 in the Max Bitrate field.

Check the “Use CBR” box and set the Quality Balance to 10.

Check the “Use Custom Buffer Size” box and set the Buffer Size field to 0.

Click on the "Broadcast Settings" tab and select "File Output Only". This will record the video on your computer.

Video recording

3: Set the cache key. having a key will allow you to start and stop the recording. In OBS, right-click the “Sources” box and select “add”. Then select “Game capture”. Make sure the key is not used during play.

Video recording

4: Start playing the game. Once the recording software is set up and playing, you can start playing your game.

Video recording

5: Press the button to capture your screen. Your program will start recording on your computer. Depending on the quality settings, you may or may not notice a decrease in game performance as soon as the recording starts.

Video recording

6: Press the button again when you want to stop recording. When you finish recording, the file will be written to your hard disk. The videos will appear in the "OBS" folder located in the "Video" folder.



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