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Scientists promise 1000 times faster data transmission

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How would you feel if data transmission was 1000 times faster than today? Scientists they discovered that this could be possible thanks to a new discovery.

The researchers they use terahertz quantum cascade lasers that could transmit data at speeds we can't even imagine with the current technology.

Scientists published a report in the journal Nature Communications, explaining how this could happen.

The terahertz quantum cascade lasers could be used for transmission data with speed 100 gigabits. The current, fast ethernet connections operate on 100 megabits per second. That is, it is a thousand times slower than what the researchers describe.

These lasers are different because they are able to send light to terahertz range of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is commonly used for chemical analysis. Researchers have made the necessary changes so they can be used to transmit data at very high speeds. High speed is desired by everyone and especially by research facilities, hospitals, satellite communications etc.

To do this, complex procedures are needed. To be used for data transmission, lasers must shut down about 100 billion times every second. This requires precision control, and the engineers so far they have not been able to do so.

Now, however, scientists say they have succeeded in controlling it by using it sound and light.

“This research it's exciting, ”said John Cunningham, Professor of Nanoelectronics at Leeds. "At present, the system for regulating a quantum cascade laser was electric - but this system has limitations."

According to the professor, this system affects speed. Instead, the mechanism they use now is based on acoustic waves.

"Basically, what we did was to use the acoustic wave to shake complicated electronic states into the quantum cascade laser," said Tony Kent, a physics professor at Nottingham.

Scientists recognize that their research is not yet perfect. It still takes a lot of work to use lasers for data transmission. However, significant progress can be expected.

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