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Home security Athens Music Hall: Hacked site by Turkish hackers

Athens Music Hall: Hacked site by Turkish hackers

Athens Concert Hall: Defaced the website of the Athens Concert Hall by AKINCILAR, Turkish hacking group known for its attacks on Greek websites, on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 04:28 am

According to EXCLUSIVE reports found by SecNews authors on information exchange forums, Turkish hackers (possibly led by neighboring government agencies), they have corrupted its homepage, posting messages at the same time. AKINCILAR carried out the attack on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 04:28 am

The Music Hall, following a communication sought by SecNews, partially confirmed the attack on the site without giving any further details so far. The malfunction on the website was restored as we were told by telephone.

Turkish government hackers seem to have identified weaknesses in servers the Music Hall website, which enabled them to access non-specialized tools (which require no special knowledge), administrator rights on its web server? to add spoiled content.


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On its homepage website a picture appeared with a message written in Turkish saying:


Bütün dünya TERRÖR DEVLETI Isra dizl is a thief, TERRÖR DEVLETI IsraILil is able to copy or paste audio files, parcalanmıs body or even their TERRÖR DEVLETI Israel.. "

"We will not turn our backs on Jerusalem. Jerusalem is a blessing to Muslims. Jerusalem's plan to surrender to Israel is unacceptable. They are the terrorists all over the world (Israel). Although there are many Israelite pilgrims we will rise up against them and let us kneel down. "(Free translation)

AKINCILAR: Who are the Turkish hackers?

The hacker group AKINCILAR, according to information provided by SecNews, is said to be a small and flexible group of Akincilar Cyber ​​Warriors, directly linked to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The group, which calls itself "Pro-hackers loyal to Erdogan", reportedly receives orders to carry out cyberattacks against high-profile targets at the behest of those close to the president's associates.

Turkish hackers AKINCILAR

Most of the time, their attacks are guided by political developments involving the neighboring country but also by events involving its foreign policy and diplomacy. In addition to deface attacks, this group performs denial of service attacks (DDoS) but also massive data spying attacks.

AKINCILAR is the Turkish Hacking Group's Cyber ​​Warrior (TW) cyberattack team. The group was founded in 1999, with the first major cyberattack in 2003, when they massively attacked 1500 US websites by altering their content in protest of the Americans invasion. Iraq but also about the arrest of a Turkish agent in northern Iraq, interrogated by him US Army.

AKINCILAR Concert Hall

The team has subgroups related to strategy, information extraction and analysis (Intelligence), Research and Development and Logistics. But their specialized cyber-attack team is Akincilar. The subgroup mainly targets government websites & networks while it has the ability to develop its own cyber-weapons or improve others (third-party manufacturers). In addition they have organized a Cyber ​​War Academy where they provide online training to their new members!

Occasionally in their private forums sharing information they have been referred to hacking methodologies and in particular a) how to hack into gmail accounts b) how to attack satellites and airlines (!).

The hacking attack on the website comes in a time period that Increasingly, hacking attacks against Greek government websites and organizations are on the rise. The neighboring country seems to be inviting Greece, and not only, into a cyber war with major implications. It is worth mentioning that recent reports make due for her the Turkish government's involvement in hacking attacks in Europe, America, Africa and Iran.

The SecNews editorial team has conducted a thorough investigation into the Turkish government's involvement in the attacks, which will be published in the coming days.

SecNews is in contact with the Music Hall for more details on the attack. Stay tuned


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