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Amazon: Demands Trump's investigation into the "golden" cloud contract he lost

Η Amazon filed a lawsuit against the President Donald Trump, of the Minister of Defense Mark Esper and the former Minister of Defense James Mattis, for a contract (worth $ 10 billion) they signed with Microsoft products to modernize it in cloud Ministry of Defense infrastructure USA.

Amazon accuses a total of seven people of finalizing the contract with Microsoft. In addition to Trump, Mattis and Esper, n Amazon Web Services (AWS) accuses the head of the Department of Intelligence, Dana Deasy, the contractor at Microsoft, and the presidents of the SSA service.

An AWS spokesman said: "President Trump has repeatedly expressed his willingness to use his position as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to intervene in governmental functions - including federal procurement - to promote personal of the agenda ”. However, the company raises a very important question: Should the President of the United States be allowed to use the budget of the Department of Defense to pursue his personal and political goals?

There has been no comment on the Amazon accusations from either the White House and the Department or Microsoft.

That's it Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure or JEDI, the cloud computing contract, is worth $ 10 billion. The Pentagon chose Microsoft instead of Amazon on October 25, 2019. Initially, it seemed that Amazon was more likely to win the contract.

In November, Amazon formally challenged (in court) the Pentagon's decision to award the contract to Microsoft, citing "clear shortcomings, mistakes and unquestionable prejudice ”against Amazon.

Η company claims that Trump launched "attacks under the table" against Amazon, which led to losing the tender for the contract. In fact, Mattis, the former Secretary of Defense, claimed that Trump told him to take Amazon out of the competition.

AWS blames him Trump for its intervention in the tender procedure and in general forattempts to damage Amazon or AWS".

Many have been heard about in secret talks of Trump on this issue. However, only he knows exactly what he did and with whom he spoke.

Mattis and Esper, who were involved in the dubious proceedings, also face justice.

It is known that the Jeff Bezos, President of Amazon, he is not particularly fond of President Trump. The billionaire businessman owns The Washington Post, which Trump regularly criticizes.

Trump has also repeatedly accused Amazon of failing to pay taxes.

On the other hand, the company is convinced that the tender for the $ 10 billion contract was not fair. In December, AWS chief Andy Jassy said:You know there was significant political intervention here. ".

"When you have a President who does not like a company and the CEO of that company, it is difficult for government services, including the Ministry of Justice, to make objective decisions without fear of retaliation. And I think that's it dangerous for our country, "he told CNBC.

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