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Smartphone Chargers: How much energy do they consume when not in use?

chargersMany people are used to leaving them chargers of their mobile phones even when they do not charge it smartphone their. But the fact that they remain in the wall socket means that the chargers are "working". That is, they consume energy and therefore money.

But how much energy do they consume? Do we need to disconnect the chargers from the mains when not charging it mobile us;

To measure it energy, the expert used it WattsUp? PRO power meter. This tool is used to measure the energy produced by a device. There are many more tools, which you can find at on-line stores.

Power is calculated in kWh, or 1.000W. One kilowatt hour is the energy produced or consumed within one hour at a constant power of one kilowatt and is equivalent to 3,6 million joules (MJ). A 1.000 W rated power unit operating for one hour will use 1 KW h, while a 100 W rated unit will take 10 hours to consume 1 KW h.

In terms of cost, according to the US Energy Information Service, the average cost per 1 KW h at USA is about $ 0,13.


It was initially tested on 5W chargers, which usually come with iPhone 11. The charger was connected to the power supply for a few days but did not charge any smartphones.

Of course, it consumed energy. All smartphone chargers consume energy, whether or not they charge the cellphone.

But how much power did the iPhone charger consume?

According to the tests, its genuine iPhone chargers Apple consume about 135W per month, which equates to just over 1.5KWh per year. This energy is consumed without charging the smartphone. In fact, it's not a big waste. So, in terms of financial cost, money is not much.

However, we need to keep in mind some things.

For example, it plays a role the number of chargers we use. The more chargers, the greater the energy consumption and costs.

Furthermore, non-genuine chargers can consume much more power (up to 10 to 20 times more than the original).

But besides the economical cost and waste of energy, cheap and non-genuine chargers can be dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable not to leave such chargers in the wall socket for many hours.

Also, it may be convenient to have the charger always ready but we have to think about it. environmental costs resulting from the continuous operation of the chargers. Millions of inertial chargers plugged in all day, each day turning into millions of kilowatt hours wasted for no reason. And each kilowatt hour equals about a pound of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Therefore, It is advisable to disconnect all our chargers when not in use. Alternatively, we can use a power strip with switch, which we'll close when we don't charge the cellphone. This will not consume energy.


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