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Home security Password: 2020 security best practices

Password: 2020 security best practices

Worried about protecting your financial transactions and private data stored online? A strong password is your first line of defense against security threats, fraudsters and hackers. Implementing best password security practices is just as important in the workplace as at home.


You have to understand the seriousness of it contains a password that one can easily guess. Also, no, you can't have the same password for twenty different ones accounts, just because it's easy to remember. Let's go straight to some of the best policies that will help you create a reliable, secure password.

  1. Character length: There is no ideal character length for passwords. The more characters, the harder it is to spot. However, use at least 8 characters to cover the minimum minimum security practice.
  2. Character Type: Use an ASCII character combination - uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. It will limit the overall chances of your password being hacked. Example: XkeDZaJ3% yIOd3
  3. Password Dictionaries: The password should not be included in the popular passwords dictionaries. There are tools where you can check your known password lists. Try them.
  4. Password Manager: Passwords are too big and complicated for them remember; Use a password manager. This is enough.
  5. Password Generators: Random passwords generators are available that offer better password security.

What NOT to do

  1. Do not use words from the dictionary. If your passwords make sense, they probably have already been hacked.
  2. Password Change Requirements: Contrary to popular belief, NIST's latest research discourages frequent password changes and calls it counterproductive for good practices security.
  3. Pet Names: No doubt, you love your cat and it is adorable to put her name on the password. But, don't do it! The hackers can easily guess it. The same goes for them people, places and events.
  4. Reuse Password: If you have to change your password, do not change it from "Utopian.Knight1" to "Utopian.Knight2". Create a new one.
  5. Qwerty7894 is not secure. Don't use keyword patterns in any form.

See below for some examples of bad password

  • 123456
  • Password
  • 1qaz2wsx
  • passw0rd
  • awesomedog1
  • coolguy18

Here are some examples of good passwords

  • NK-LzHjm * 9 $ M79h
  • hd2 $ 9T% J
  • g) AN.}% H
  • A) ”N + zwf \ 'ykb = fx3 ^
  • TmDEL3NmkRRbdvnn3
  • .v {tW! LErh: N? 6y

The stolen and weak passwords are the most common reasons for data breaches. Experts do not emphasize enough the importance of using a strong password. The sure way for your security is - just understand what exactly a non-valid password can cause and follow all the above tips.


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