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The refreshed PowerToys allow for the creation of keyboard shortcuts


The people behind the refreshed PowerToys tool of the 1990s are working on a new keyboard manager that will allow users to move one's keys computer.

Version open source PowerToys, provides users with a set of tools to customize their functionality Windows, to make them more efficient than the Windows 10 shell and customize workflows.

Η Microsoft released a basic version of PowerToys in September, with two utilities, one of which was FancyZones, to create custom zones that allow users to move windows to organized alignments.

The new keyboard management feature enables users to move the Tab key to Delete for example or to change the function of any key when pressed.

The project claims it could be a good tool for Windows 10 users who have recently switched from a Mac or Linux and are not familiar with their shortcuts Windows.

Note that a user Mac will use the thumb for Command + C to copy an object, but on a Windows 10 machine it will need to use the little finger for the Ctrl + C shortcut.

"Successful keyboard management [Keyboard Shortcut Manager] will increase convenience and users will not feel that they have lost their functionality or convenience by switching to Windows 10", They claim developers.

The PowerToys keyboard manager also fills in some gaps in existing third-party applications, such as AutoHotkey and SharpKeys on Windows, as well as Karabiner for MacOS.

Developers point out, for example, that AutoHotkey does not have a UI, while SharpKeys does not provide OS-level shortcuts and cannot convert keys from accessing the Windows registry, such as Fn, Windows and Calculator.

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