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10 uses of Bluetooth that will make your daily life easier

At a time characterized by its ever-growing evolution and use technology as well as fast-paced life, people tend to use certain technological accessories that make their daily life easier. One of these technological accessories is Bluetooth that has been on the market for about 20 years.Bluetooth tool

Bluetooth is a wireless connectivity tool that allows users to exchange voice and data transmissions between two or more electronic devices, provided that all the devices to interact are within walking distance of each other. There are many ways to use Bluetooth technology. For example, you can connect a headset to most smartphones, allowing you to talk without touching your phone. You can assign a game controller to a computer or console so you don't have to worry about the cable. You can send music to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker from smartphone or your laptop without having to plug them in or set up a home cinema system without speaker cables everywhere.

It should be noted that Bluetooth has a maximum bandwidth of about 30 feet, while its transfer speeds exceed 24 Mbps.

But let's take a closer look at the multiple uses of Bluetooth:Bluetooth Uses

  • Transfer files between devices. Some Bluetooth devices allow you to transfer files and documents from one device to another. That is, you have the ability to transfer files between mobile phones, camera and camcorder, computers, TVs and many other technological devices.
  • Contact via phone. Bluetooth headsets can be combined with some phones or mobile phones so you can talk on the phone without having to hold the device all the time. This is especially useful if the phone is used a lot for work and you don't want to look it up every time you call.
  • Mobile connection with computer. Using Bluetooth you can share your phone's mobile network connection with your computer. This allows you to browse the Internet on your computer without having to connect to a network Wi-Fi. However not all services allow connection, so you should consult your mobile operator. Additional charges are sometimes required.
  • More comfortable and safe driving. Using this tool helps you to drive more safely. Turn on Bluetooth technology integrated directly into your car or wear a Bluetooth headset when driving so you can keep both hands on the steering wheel. There are even some areas where it is illegal to hold a cell phone in your hand and talk while driving. This way Bluetooth will let you talk on your phone while driving without breaking the law. Some car phones and stereos will allow you to play music through your car stereo when connected to the phone via Bluetooth.
  • Data synchronization between devices. Some devices allow data synchronization, such as contact lists, e-mail and calendar events. This can be a great way to synchronize your phone contacts with your computer or to transfer data to another phone.
  • In the office of your home.Bluetooth devices can significantly reduce the jumbled cables and allow you to work more freely in a more comfortable space. Bluetooth keyboards and mice allow you to type from anywhere without sacrificing precision. Bluetooth printers allow you to put the printer where you want it, without having to worry about stretching a cable from the printer to your computer.
  • At home. Bluetooth speakers and remote controls can make it easy to control and interact with the interiors of your home. Such a remote control, you do not need to put it on the TV to use it. Speakers of this technology allow you to set up a surround sound system without having to run speaker cables throughout your living room. To set up a Bluetooth home theater system, you will need a Bluetooth enabled receiver.
  • Home and car insurance. This tool is available in wireless entry systems that can unlock your home or car with the push of a button on your smartphone. That way you will not be looking for your keys. However, you should check with your local hardware store for systems that are compatible with this technology or contact your local car stereo shop to inquire about car lock mechanisms.
  • Connect the PlayStation controller to the computer. If your computer is Bluetooth compatible, you can connect a controller PlayStation 3 or 4 to use one gamepad for your computer games. This is not supported by Sony and requires the use of third party software, it is not difficult to install.
  • Multiplayer games. Bluetooth allows you to create a local area network between two phones, which is a quick and easy way to create a multi-player gaming session. Although this only works if you are in the same room, it is much more reliable than trying to play online.

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