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Chrome: It'll start blocking annoying video ads!

advertisementsΟ Coalition for Better Ads (CBA-Coalition for Better Ads), which manages them online courses ads and looking to improve them and improve the viewer experience, some announced young people rules for video ads that appear during short video playback.

Η Google is one of the founding members of this coalition. It announced, therefore, that within a few months the new rules of the CBA would be applied to its popular products, such as ο Chrome browser, YouTube and its advertising platform.

According to Google's announcement, Chrome since August 5, 2020 browser will block all video ads that do not comply with these new rules.

The same will apply in the coming months to those running through the Google and YouTube advertising platforms.

Google will scan websites and if there are ads that violate the new CBA rules it will notify administrators.

If the owners / managers of websites do not make the necessary changes, video ads will be blocked by Chrome.

Which ads will be blocked in accordance with the new rules?

The CBA rated the following ad types as intruders and unwanted and decided on him exclusion their:

Ads that appear before you play a video and you can't "skip »

Many times when we watch a video, an ad appears at the beginning, which we cannot bypass. We have to wait for it to finish to start the video. The CBA found these ads to be very annoying to most users. Often it takes more than 31 seconds. In other cases it is not necessary to see the whole advertisement. After a few seconds we are able to do the so-called 'skip ad'. This is the first ad format to be blocked.

Ads during a video

These are ads that are suddenly displayed while watching a video. They vary in length, and many may appear in the same video. All users find them extremely annoying.

Ads that prevent a video from showing properly

There are instances where an ad appears in the form of an image or text at the top or center of the screen when reproduction a video. The result is that more than 20% of the content is hidden. This is the third type of ad that Chrome will block.

The CBA has decided that these three types of ads are intruders, after doing research. In research more than 45.000 consumers from eight countries participated. The rules were formulated based on participants' responses and complaints.

The new rules do not apply to videos longer than eight minutes.


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